How to Market Your Business without Spending a Lot

Joe started his business a year ago. He had a great idea and he had what it takes to bring it to life.

What Joe didn’t have was extra budget to hire a marketing expert. His business desperately needed more customers, and he needed to make his business more visible.

But how to cut through all the noise? How to catch people attention long enough to convince them of the benefits of your service?

Joe tried the usual stuff trying to be creative. He tried Google ads, Facebook ads, and the like. Money was spent, but the only thing he could here was … well, crickets!

The number of people visiting his new shiny website was insignificant compared to what he has spent on advertising. Joe was pretty desperate.

He knew his idea was good. Those he worked with could really see the benefits of his service. His problem now was how to let more people know about how he can help.

That’s when he first heard about content marketing. At first, he was sceptical. He couldn’t see much difference between content marketing and yet another PR stint.

But then, he had an epiphany: content marketing will allow him to educate his future customers about the benefits of his service. And people will pay attention, because he will tell them how their problems can now be solved easier than before.

Unlike advertising that nobody really sees (we seem to have developed a new skill that helps us tune out of any form of advertising), people spend time now reading his articles. The right people. His future customers.

By publishing instructional, helpful, practical articles, he has not only increased his customer base, but he has also worked with more educated customers. And this change has created a virtuous cycle.

The more Joe’s customers understand the benefits of his service, the better they can work together. This improved collaboration leads to better results. And, of course, happy customers mean repeat business and more referrals. (And, because now he has more referrals from happy customers, he spends less time looking for new customers, so he can concentrate on further developing his business).

If you too are struggling to find new customers, and the audience is fit for your business, read more about how you can make content marketing work for you.

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