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A large number of followers is not enough anymore if you want to be visible in today’s online world.



You must have heard that only about 10% of your followers see your posts on Facebook. The average time span of a tweet is around 8 minutes. Instagram is even worse. Of all these, LinkedIn used to fare a little better, but with the latest algorithm changes, this is not the case anymore.

When posting once in a while is not enough anymore, other, more creative methods need to be used. From groups, influencers, and micro-influencers, to more elaborated ways to address a larger targeted audience, we will make sure your article will be read (and not only seen – we are talking engagement, not impressions) by as many relevant readers as possible.


How it works

  • your article will be promoted on LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook via organic and paid channels.
  • we will reference your LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook profile each time we post something related to your published articles.
  • based on our statistics, 60% of the social media traffic comes from LinkedIn, 30% from Facebook and 10% from Twitter.
  • even though the traffic generated by Twitter may seem low, we have noticed an increase of Twitter profile visits as a result of posting links to interesting, informative articles. This is the reason why we recommend to keep your Twitter profile updated (this is valid for all the other social media networks).
  • we will create the images and videos for posts.



  • the service includes a 3 month social media promotion (counting from the 1st social media post), with a post per week.
  • we will start posting as soon as you’ll provide all the required information (the article you want promoted and the social media profiles to reference in the posts). You will receive an email with instructions immediately after payment is received.
  • we suggest you opt for the Marketing Package to benefit from the advantages offered by the other services in the package and save.

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