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Google can be your friend if you know how to talk to it.



Promoting your activity on social media is a good visibility boost, but it only last as much as our attention lasts nowadays.

On the other hand, if your article makes it to the first page of Google search for specific relevant keywords, you won the jackpot. It’s a lottery indeed, and it may take anywhere from a week to several months to rank on the first page, but when this happens this will generate traffic to your website without you doing any other form of promotion.


How it works

  • we will identify keywords with high search potential and integrate them into your article without changing its message (we will replace words and phrases with synonyms and close match expressions with higher search potential).
  • we will monitor the page for the following two months to understand what we can improve.
  • we will provide a monthly report with the Google search position change over the month for the selected keywords. The report will be provided for the two months following the start of the service or until the page reaches the 1st page of Google (whichever occurs first).



  • we do not guarantee 1st position in Google search (1st page is enough to drive a decent amount of traffic if your content is of interest for the targeted audience).
  • getting to and staying on the 1st page of Google is heavily dependent on the content of your article. We can optimize for keywords but the final voters are the readers. If the readers only spends a couple of seconds on the page, the article will be downgraded. Try to write high quality content.
  • your article has to be longer than 300 words.
  • we might need to change the title and the short summary of your article to include the keywords. We will seek your approval for this change.
  • we suggest you opt for the Marketing Package to benefit from the advantages offered by the other services in the package and save.



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