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For when your article needs a little more than proofreading.



We can offer suggestions on how you can improve parts of your article and which parts need to be expanded or condensed to make your message stronger. Our publishing team will make improvement suggestions based on the demographics and psychographics of our audience.

How it works:

  • in addition to performing the functions of a line edit, a content editor will work to ensure the general accuracy and consistency of content and focus on more extensive restructuring of sentences.
  • upon confirmation from you, we will use the revised and improved version as the final version of the article to be published.
  • it takes us between 5 to 7 days to deliver the list of suggestions.

1. The price indicated is calculated on a basis of max. 500 words.
2. We recommend opting for the Publishing Package as it comes with additional services that will help your article stand out.

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