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It takes between 7 to 13 interactions with your brand, for a lead to become sales ready. Messages are more effective when repeated.



When you write more than one article, we will group them on one page, allowing the readers to see your message at a glance. This will be your Author Page.


Author Page Example Page



What You’ll Get

1. A Page with Your Name or Your Company Name

This is a separate page that will open when the reader clicks on your name in the author box of your published article.

2. Author Photo or Company Logo

You can choose between your own photo and your company’s logo.

3. Author/Company Website

4. Author/Company Short Bio

Use the few lines in here to draw people to your website. Be helpful, relevant, and engaging.

All your published articles will appear underneath the author box, in chronological order starting from the latest.

You will also get an Author Box at the end of each of your articles.


How It Works

  1. You send us the required information for the author box (your name – as you want it to appear on the article, picture or logo, short description, website, contact email).  We will create the author page and add the articles that we have already published. The new articles will be added automatically as soon as the new article is published.
  2. In addition to creating your author page, we will create and add the author box at the end of your article as soon as it is published
  3. We will need between 3 to 5 days to deliver.

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