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It Starts When You Put Pen on Paper

You wrote, you published and you think it’s over. Not at all. Remember the saying: It’s the tone that makes the music? This is also valid for your article.


Think about your customer’s language. What do they say when they talk about you? Think about what how they would phrase their search in Google if they were looking for what you offer.

Try to use similar words in your article. This will help you get discovered by the right audience.

Because when they have proactively looked for what you do, then you are sure to have their undivided attention.


When you write content and share it elsewhere than on your company’s blog, you benefit twice.

First, you gain visibility. (Your company’s blog can be a very quiet place. That’s why it’s better to publish where readers go often.)

Last, but not least, you gain credibility. Your customers have seen your articles somewhere else than on your website, which means others trust you.

Use your social media channels to share the articles you publish here (we’ll send you the link as soon as we approve your article). Send them to your newsletter subscribers. It helps build trust, and trust creates opportunities.

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Let Us Handle the Hurdle

For those who are short on time or who want to boost the reach of their message, we have created a marketing package to help them stand out in front of the right audience.

The package includes the creation and management of an Author Page, social media promotion and SEO services (you know, all the little fine-tuning you need to do on a web page to make it appear on the first page of Google search).

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