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Writing Is Not Your Thing?

Let Us Handle the Hurdle

Your article should have a great message, and it should also look professional. From a featured image that catches your reader’s eye, an attention grabbing title to editing to proofreading and everything in between, our professional publishing services team will make your article worth reading and sharing.

What Is Included

Professional Writing Services

  • 30′ consulting session to where we will work with you to identify a topic and 2-3 supporting ideas for it.
  • As a result, we will write a max. 500 words article.
  • We will go through a cycle of review with you to refine the content of the article.
  • When we agree on the final version of the article, our publishing and marketing teams will start working on it.
  • Listed below are the publishing and marketing services included in the package.

Publishing Services


If you think your article needs clean-up of punctuation, typos, misspelling, style issues, etc.

Some articles simply require more work than others. When heavy copy editing is required, an editor will check the article for more pervasive errors in spelling, grammar, and punctuation. The editor will also address syntax and word choice and make light recommendations for improving the overall quality of the article.

How it works:

  • You tell us which document needs proofreading.
  • We will make the changes with “Track Changes” and we will send you back the result.
  • Upon confirmation from you, and if the article was already approved for publishing, we will use the proofread version as the final version of the article to be published.
  • It takes between 3 to 5 days to deliver the final version.

1. The price indicated is calculated on a basis of max. 500 words.
2. We recommend opting for the Publishing Package as it comes with additional services that will help your article stand out.

Content Editing

For when your article needs a little more than proofreading.

We can offer suggestions on how you can improve parts of your article and which parts need to be expanded or condensed to make your message stronger. Our publishing team will make improvement suggestions based on the demographics and psychographics of our audience.

Featured Image

A picture is not worth a thousand words. However, a good picture is worth more than that.

Before reading the title of your article, your customers will see its cover image. Our publishing team will make sure the cover image of your article is eye catching.

Article Formatting

Now that you caught the attention of your potential customer, the question is: how long can you keep it? The short answer: not for too long if the content has no appealing images and is badly formatted.

You can send us up to 3 high quality pictures related to the content you have published and we will take care of processing the pictures and formatting your article. Our specialists will make sure that reading it is a pleasant experience on all types of screens, from large desktops to smaller more challenging mobile screen.

Marketing Services

Author Page Product Image

Messages Are More Effective When Repeated

It takes between 7 to 13 interactions with your brand, for a lead to become sales ready


That’s why, when you write more than one article, we will group them on one page, allowing the readers to see your message at a glance. This will be your Author Page.


What You’ll Get

1. A Page with Your Name or Your Company Name

This is a separate page that will open when the reader clicks on your name in the author box of your published article.

2. Author Photo or Company Logo

You can choose between your own photo and your company’s logo.

3. Author/Company Website

4. Author/Company Short Bio

Use the few lines in here to draw people to your website. Be helpful, relevant, and engaging.

All your published articles will appear underneath the author box, in chronological order starting from the latest.


How It Works

  1. You send us the required information for the author box (your name – as you want it to appear on the article, picture or logo, short description, website, contact email).  We will create the author page and add the articles that we have already published. The new articles will be added automatically as soon as the new article is published.
  2. In addition to creating your author page, we will create and add the author box at the end of your article as soon as it is published
  3. We will need between 3 to 5 days to deliver.

Author Box Product Image

Your customers will want to know more about you when they understand that you have solutions for their problems.

By default, we show your name as the author of the article with a link to your website. If you want to make it stand out, we recommend adding an author box.

It will be added at the end of your article and it will look like this:

Author Box Explanation
1. Author Photo or Company Logo

You can choose between your own photo and your company’s logo. Unless you choose to be present as a company, we recommend to make it personal and put your own picture here. Our click-through statistics have proven that it’s more impactful.

2. Author Name or Company Name

Based on what you have chosen at point 1. above, your name or your company name will appear in the box.

3. Author/Company Website

4. Author/Company Short Bio

Use the few lines in here to draw people to your website. Be helpful, relevant, and engaging.


How It Works

  • You send us the required information (your name – as you want it to appear on the article, picture or logo, short description, website, contact email).
  • We will create and add the author box at the end of your article as soon as it is published
  • We will need between 1 to 2 days to deliver.

Social Media Promotion

You must have heard that only about 10% of your followers see your posts on Facebook. The average time span of a tweet is around 8 minutes. Instagram is even worse. Of all these, LinkedIn used to fare a little better, but with the latest algorithm changes, this is not the case anymore.

When posting once in a while is not enough anymore, other, more creative methods need to be used. From groups, influencers, and micro-influencers, to more elaborated ways to address a larger targeted audience, we will make sure your article will be read (and not only seen – we are talking engagement, not impressions) by as many relevant readers as possible.


How it works

  • Your article will be promoted on LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook via organic and paid channels.
  • We will reference your LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook profile each time we post something related to your published articles.
  • Based on our statistics, 60% of the social media traffic comes from LinkedIn, 30% from Facebook and 10% from Twitter.
  • Even though the traffic generated by Twitter may seem low, we have noticed an increase of Twitter profile visits as a result of posting links to interesting, informative articles. This is the reason why we recommend to keep your Twitter profile updated (this is valid for all the other social media networks).
  • We will take care of the creative (images, videos, and text) for the social media posts.

SEO Services

Promoting your activity on social media is a good visibility boost, but it only last as much as our attention lasts nowadays.

On the other hand, if your article makes it to the first page of Google search for specific relevant keywords, you won the jackpot. It’s a lottery indeed, and it may take anywhere from a week to several months to rank on the first page, but when this happens this will generate traffic to your website without you doing any other form of promotion.


How it works

  • We will identify keywords with high search potential and integrate them into your article without changing its message (we will replace words and phrases with synonyms and close match expressions with higher search potential).
  • We will monitor the page for the following two months to understand what we can improve.
  • We will provide a monthly report with the Google search position change over the month for the selected keywords. The report will be provided for the two months following the start of the service or until the page reaches the 1st page of Google (whichever occurs first).

What You Need to Know

∗ The prices are calculated on a basis of max. 500 words per article. 

This May Be Helpful

If writing is your skill, have a look at the Marketing Services Package and the Publishing Services Package to see how you can better promote your work.

If you choose both packages, we will automatically upgrade you to the All Inclusive Package.


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